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Feedback from members about affiliation to KUSA.
Read the latest newsletter and I think KUSA is taking a high handed approach.
I personally cannot think of anything they have done to help RRCFS although naturally I am not actively involved these days.
However I still have a RR, KUSA registered and always will have......
I wonder exactly how many RR clubs are active in Joburg nowaday ?
This is a tough one. On balance, although there is value in the KUSA affiliation, I feel the club is doing fine as it is and there is no need to remain affiliated to KUSA. It is a pity that KUSA does not allow more than one club in a region since it should be my choice as a member whom I want to associate myself with. The RRCFS club serves a community of breeders and ridgeback enthusiasts that are interested in supporting each other in a positive way, putting the interests of the breed above self-interests. 

For me as an occasional breeder my most important needs, ie having a place where I can source good stud dogs, find good owners for my puppies and get sound advice when I need it, are all met by the RRCFS. I do not need a KUSA affiliation of the club for me to register puppies that I may breed, for that I have my own individual KUSA membership.





A few years ago, some Ridgeback enthusiasts gathered, with the sole purpose to promote the Ridgeback as a breed. The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the Free State (RRCFS). The club was established.

Our goal was not only to encourage the local interest in the breed, but also to insure the breed's survival. We did this by distributing information about the breed to interested parties, and also by giving support to people that wanted to become breeders of ridgebacks themselves.

There are excellent books and websites that contain the history of the Rhodesian Ridgeback in detail. Here we would rather interest you in the present and future of the Rhodesian Ridgeback.



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